The Fence and pre emptive striking

Good stuff from Geoff Thompson. The Fence, brain engagement, pre emptive striking, back off drill etc. Also note the importance of using aggressive……see more


Self Defence vs MMA

Really great fight scene from a really great show “Banshee”. This scene pits an MMA fighter against the star of the show Sherif Lucas Hood. Just goes to show what can……see more

Hooligan Jutsu

Hilarious video from Paul Kaye. And although very funny, also very educational. This is how most attacks will occur. An un-skilled suprise attack with tons of raw aggression and…see more

Room 57

Room 57 is a short action film and fight scene starring former NBKM instructor Aron Gilson and fellow instructor Jim Halton. The set was built at HTV studios in Bristol and was filmed……see more

North Bristol Krav Maga Promo

Check out this short promo video for North Bristol Krav Maga. Taken in POV, this gives a good visual of how disorientated and frantic defending yourself can be. Watch this……see more

Skill vs Size

Although we can't be sure what started this fight and who was in the right or wrong. What can be observed here is that the smaller guy's skill beats the bigger guy's size and………..see more

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