The class schedule follows a rotating modular format. Six modules covering the key self defence elements of Krav Maga – edged weapons, ground defence, combative defence, grabs and holds, combatives and other defences. Killer conditioning, grapple-strike and sparring practice also compliment the system.

Training Modules

Edged weapons defences in Krav Maga Bristol

Edged Weapons

Defences against attacks with edged weapons, such as knives, screwdrivers or broken bottles.

Striking practice in N Bristol

Combative Defence

Defences against attacks from strikes. This includes defences to kicks, punches and other common strikes at long medium and close range

Bristol Krav M Padwork


Striking practice and striking combinations. Punches, kicks, elbows, knees etc. All practiced at the relevant range and in a self-defence context.

Choke defences in Krav

Grabs and Holds

Defences against grabs, holds or attempts to move. This includes defences to chokes, strangles and headlocks.

Other Krav Maga defences in bristol Bristol Krav Ground Defence

Ground Defence

Defences against attacks whilst on the ground. This includes defences when both the attacker and defender are on the ground, or when the defender is on the ground and the attacker is standing.

Other Defences

This includes defences to other weapons such as baseball bats and hand guns. Also scenario based drills against multiple attackers, seated defences and other scenarios.

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