Instructor in bristol krav maga northI started my martial arts training when I was around 7 years old after watching the Karate Kid films.

I joined the local Karate school and loved every minute of it, the discipline that came with a traditional martial art, the feeling that I was on my way to being a Karate kid and wearing the black belt.

Later on I took up Taekwondo, gaining a black belt, taking part in various competitions and tournaments.  It wasn't until I reached the higher grade that I started to question the functionality of the traditional systems. Martial arts are great for promoting fitness, self confidence and discipline, but I wanted more. Something that would be more practical something I could apply to a real life situation.  

This was when I came across Krav Maga. I was instantly hooked. This was everything I had been looking for in a self defence class. No complicated katas to learn, straight forward simple techniques that any novice could pick up.  The striking was hard, the attacks were realistic, the fitness was intense. I loved it!

Four years in I found my self taking up instructor training with a view to starting my own class. I really do believe in the effectiveness of Krav Maga as a real life pressure tested self defense system.  

I look forward to meeting you in one of our free taster lessons, hopefully you'll leave feeling energised excited and pumped up the same way I did.


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Contact: Richard Golder

Mob: 07595339521


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