What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is a modern instinctive self defence system developed in the military and and now taught to civilians throughout the world.

What do the words Krav Maga mean?

The words translated from Hebrew to English is “Contact Combat”.

Why does Krav Maga work?

Reactions are quickest when they are instinctive. When people are put under pressure and stress when being attacked, the vast majority of people will not be able to react quickly enough if they have to think about what technique they need to use. By the time they have thought of the correct technique, more often than not, it will be too late. At North Bristol Krav Maga we make use of instinctive reactions, slightly modified, and a small amount of techniques which can be used on a large amount of different attacks. This combination results in very little “lag” between the attack, and your defence. This is why Krav Maga works.

Will Krav Maga get me fit?

Absolutely. Fighting back and defending yourself is exhausting – even for fit people. You’ve got to be fit to fight. At North Bristol Krav Maga you will become very fit. I make a concerted effort to make the conditioning exercises different, enjoyable and hard. You will do exercises that you have done before and many that you haven’t. Think there is only 1 type of press-up? We will do at least 10 different types. Although not on the first night! Ever done the bear walk or crab walk? Maybe - maybe not. Either way, these exercises will get you fit – really fit.

I want to practice and develop my punching and kicking. Will we do that too?

Absolutely, and lots of it.  99% of self defence techniques do not work unless the attacker has been struck in some way, be it a strike to the groin or face. Generally outside of the fitness element of a class, half of the time is dedicated to striking or what we call “combatives” and the other half of the session covers self defence techniques which also include combatives.  And we are not talking about punching kicking and kneeing into fresh air.  At NBKM you will always get to hit focus pads and kick pads – hard! The aim is to develop striking technique and power, so that if you are attacked, you can respond with overwhelming force in a short period of time.

Can I grade in Krav Maga?

Yes, there are gradings at North Bristol Krav Maga. Called practitioner levels (P Levels) from levels P1 - P6. These are optional but are worth working towards as they are a great challenge and will allow you to focus on a specific self defence goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

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