Fitness for Martial Arts in Bristol

Taking the strain!

Isometric hold during 120 prisoner squats. Feeling the burn in North Bristol.

Hands up!

Regular pad work is always a feature of self defence training in Krav Maga. It helps develop coordination striking power and improve fitness. Plus there’s nothing like hitting something really hard after a long day at work!

Krav Maga martial arts fitness in north bristol

Functional fitness

Bridge and turn exercise used to work out the hamstrings and core, but more importantly, a functional exercise used to develop explosive bridging movement to remove an attacker from sitting astride you either choking or striking you.

Group Training Self Defence Bristol

Group striking drill

If a self defence situation goes physical, fast aggressive striking is key to survival. Group drills are one of the many ways of finding and developing your aggressive side.

Knife Defence North Bristol Krav Maga

Knife threats

Edged weapon defence is one of the 6 modules taught at North Bristol Krav Maga. Check out the other modules here.

Class Photos

Striking on the ground

If you end up on the ground, the aim is always to get up as soon as possible. The longer you stay on the ground, the more dangerous it gets - particularly if there are multiple attackers. However you may have to strike on the ground to enable you to get up and disengage from the attacker. Striking with power from unusual positions is an important skill to develop and is practiced regularly at North Bristol Krav Maga.

Knife Defence North Bristol Krav Maga

Flow drills

Last night at North Bristol Krav Maga - Stoke Gifford. Standing to ground flow drills including striking off your back. Good effort, skill and determination guys!

North Bristol Krav Maga - DH Choke defence

Choke hold from behind

As with all Krav Maga defences, the key is to stop the threat and respond aggressively as soon as possible. This line up drill against continuous choke attacks allows practice of the defence over and over against different attackers. This allows the practitioner to gain confidence that the defence works regardless of size or strength.

Knife Defence North Bristol Krav Maga

Combative Defence

Right hooks or haymakers are the most common strike used in an assault. In the combative defence module you will learn how to defend yourself against these strikes - such as the cover defence shown here.

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