Be aware of your surroundings


For all the physical and mental Krav Maga training you will ever do, there is one element of  training that will get you out of more bad situations than you could possibly imagine. This element is “Awareness”.  

Awareness is your first line of defence.

The vast majority of self defence situations can be avoided if you are aware of your surroundings and the people within it. The Cooper colour code system (used in the military - modified for self defence) is a…… more


It’s not always clear where we stand legally if forced to use Krav Maga skills in a real self defence situation.

I really like this video created by Alain Burrese of “Warriors Edge”.  Take 2 minutes to watch this video on the legal side of self defence and how you may have to justify your actions. Although it's American based, the principles are pretty much the same for the UK. Alain Burrese shares……read more

Self defence and the law
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